Intimate Sex – You Deserve It

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Intimate Sex

Available for Pre-order! If you are looking to rekindle the love in your relationship, a way to transform your love life, to move from having sex to making love then Intimate Sex: Transform Your Love Life is the book for you. The book is now available for pre-order on the Kindle Store.

Do not waste your time hoping that next time will be better. Enjoy countless hours of pleasure spent sharing, Intimate Sex: Transform Your Love Life, with your lover. Intimate Sex: Transform Your Love Life is an e-book you can enjoy reading over and over again. Whether you have been making love for years or you have not yet enjoyed your first time, you will find insights, information, and helpful tips.

Intimate Sex: Transform Your Love Life is a treasure of information and suggestions, many pages of actual examples taken from our years of helping couples improve their relationships and sex lives. It is not merely a great read, but an invitation as well, taking you that extra step to convert having sex into making love.

We have worked with couples for 15 + years. We are both registered therapeutic counsellors and have spent countless hours helping couples with various problems.  We have found that many problems either originate or show up in the bedroom, even when couples come for other reasons, we often discover concerns about their sex life.  Over the years we have had the privilege of working with numerous couples who want a better sex life.  Many experience a loss of passion; where they once could not keep their hands off each other, they now go for days or weeks or longer without initiating lovemaking.

We have discovered that even though each couple is unique, often similar patterns emerge. Addressing the underlying problems often leads to a deeper sense of connection, a greater sense of intimacy and a more fulfilling sex life. The benefits of truly intimate lovemaking extend into other facets of their lives.

We have developed a process and exercises that a couple can use for a lifetime to have a more fulfilling intimate sex life and experience more joy in their relationship. Intimate Sex: Transform Your Love Life includes more than 30 erotic and romantic assignments. Now this is the type of homework you can hardly wait to get to and thoroughly enjoy. It also includes an extensive section on erotic play—ideas, instructions, and examples of ways to rev up your love life. Order Now and receive your copy as soon as it is released.